Friday, October 31, 2008

T-Pain + Kanye: Therapy

T-Pain + Kanye: Therapy

Off of Thr33 Ringz.

Freeway: The Revolution

Freeway: The Revolution

Ghostface Killah: Computer Love

From OS:

Ghostface Killah: Computer Love

This song is fucking awesome.

B.O.B. & Ludacris politic backstage

Lil' Wayne: Ms. Officer/Comfortable (Video)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Akon + Jeezy + Wayne: I'm So Paid (Video)

Recession be damned, this song is kinda hot.

So...did Joe have the best verse?

Features cameos by Charles Hamilton, DJ Enuff, Crooked I.

Joe's blogs are like a big sitcom, who knew rappers could be this funny?

Jim Loves Jay (No Homo)

JIM JONES LOVES JAY-Z (NO HOMO) from Urban News Network on Vimeo.

Oh no shocking revelation!!! He knows Jay-Z lyrics!!!!!

Young Chris: No Given Up

Yeah it's really spelled "Given"

T-Pain + DJ Khaled: Karaoke

This video is like a public access version of a real video.

Peep AKON on the bongos at the end lol.

D.O.E,: The Tortioise

Timbo's artist seems to be getting a push now. Good for him.

Rhymefest busts his gun (AKA Vlad TV Interview part 2)

ah...Fest busts some shots, and gets arrested. Who said conscious rappers couldnt get it poppin?

J-Hood: Kiss My Ass (Jadakiss Diss)

Sad on many levels.

Rich Boy: Drop (Featuring Polow Da Don)

Rich Boy: Drop (Featuring Polow Da Don)

Diddy & Polow are paying someones Mortgage in 2009? interesting. Oh the song is fire too.

Blu In Chicago

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Sean: Intro + Billionaire

Big Sean: Intro (Produced By Wrightrax)

Big Sean: Billionaire

From his upcoming mixtape "Finally Famous Part II: U Know Big Sean which is dropping very soon.

N.O.R.E. Thanks.....Us.

A moment of hubris from N.O.R.E.

Mike Jones + Lil' Wayne: I Done Did It

Mike Jones + Lil' Wayne: I Done Did It

The song is surprisingly solid. Wayne comes correct as well.

Asher Roth, Mickey Factz, Charles Hamilton: "Off The Dome" Freestyle

Three of the Freshmen 10 flex their lyrical muscle

Joe Budden & The Drankin Buddies come out of the studio

Watching this is like an elaborate SNL sketch, I'm just waiting on the punchline

GEEKED: New EPMD "We Mean Business" Album Cover

Albums drops December 9th

Juelz Santana spits more bullshit than John McCain, George Bush...COMBINED

"700k downloads" Yeah right nigga.

Cory Gunz on Crack Distributors Radio

T.I. is on the Press Run HEAVY

T.I goofing off on Chelsea Lately

T.I. getting eh...personal on Tyra

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ace Hood: Ride (Remix/Video) (Featuring Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana)

I thought the OG song was better than this. meh.

The Cool Kids + Asher Roth @ Sk8tique

The Cool Kids and Asher Roth at the newly opened Sk8tique

EPMD: Listen Up

Funny, I was JUST listening to Strictly Business the other day. This joint is off of their new "We Mean Business" album, dropping December 9th

EPMD: Listen Up

T.I. + Rihanna: Live Your Life (Video)

Like i said before, this song is a monster

Sicker Than Your Average

Yes thats right, your boy writes articles too. Thanks to GOD and my Mom for the gift of great diction.

Peep my profile on the prolific Lonnie B @ Tell em J5 sent ya

shouts out to Arnold and the whole SHHO

Joe Budden + Royce + Joell Ortiz in: "Drankin Buddies (The Conclusion)" + "Halfway House" mixtape link

LOL, taking about a collaboration joint between them all.

The Drankin Buddies return from the strip club, and go to the studio

Joe Budden:Halfway House

Remember, if you dont delete this in 24 Hours, YOU AINT GET IT FROM ME!

Evidence: The Layover

Jadakiss + Ne-Yo: By My Side (Behind The Scenes)

The Last Kiss...December 9th....

Ace Hood Freestyle

Peter Rosenberg + Oddisee: A Rosenberg Oddisee

Peter Rosenberg + Oddisee: A Rosenberg Oddisee

N.O.R.E. on a Diet Part 5

40 Cal: I Stay Skemed Up

With the disbanding of Dipset, I was wondering where 40 (40!) would go next.

Hip Hop Game TV: Max B (OWWWWW!) Part 2

Wavy Crockett continues his tirade

Part 1

Joe Budden + Royce + Joell Ortiz in: "Drankin Buddies"

Rhymefest: VladTV interview

Curren$y: Top Of The Money


Curren$y: Top Of The Money

Could a new mixtape be in the making? hmmmmm

GLC: I Aint Even On Yet (Mixtape)

GLC: I Aint Even On Yet


Monday, October 27, 2008

Maino: Up Close & Personal Episode 6

This is probably one of the "realest" episodes

New Wale; "Warwick Ave"


Wale: Warwick Ave (Featuring Duffy)

From Wale + 9th Wonder's "Back To The Feature" mixtape coming soon.

The Soulja Boy drama continues;Former DJ, Southanbred, speaks


Q-Tip: Believe (Featuring D'Angelo)

This is a different version from the one i posted a while ago.

Jadakiss: "Album is no longer called 'Kiss My Ass'"

Thats right, the new name is "The Last Kiss", while the mixtape will be called the former "Kiss My Ass".

Jim Jones on "Crash: The Series"

It's funny to see Jim so subdued, I was halfway expecting him to threaten kufi slapping and other assorted violent acts

Common: Universal Mind Control (Cover & Tracklisting)

Courtesy of OnSMASH

Universal Mind Control drops 12/09/08

01. Universal Mind Control
02. Punch Drunk Love (Feat. Kanye West)
03. Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)
04. Sex 4 Sugar
05. Announcement (Feat. Pharrell Williams)
06. Gladiator
07. Changes
08. Inhale
09. What a World
10. Everywhere

Sounds like it could be solid, as long as all 10 songs are hot or at least 8 of them, this should be solid besides it's length.

Wonderful music: David Banner + B.O.B. + Talib Kweli 10 minute freestyle

Mad late on this one, forgive me.

Charles Hamilton performs at S.O.B.s

New Joe Budden from "Halfway House"

Joe Budden: Under The Sun

Joe Budden: Overkill (Featuring Heartbreak)

Joe Budden: Sidetracked

Halfway House drops tonight.

Props to OnSMASH

G.Dep: King Of Harlem

From his Deponomics mixtape

Sunday, October 26, 2008

So the Shawty Lo/T.I. beef ISNT over

sigh. Let it go LO.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Arab Money is a phenomenon

50 Cent Acting.

I felt the topic deserved a title as simple as the skills in the video.

Ok this one's kinda funny

Yes, this is the same dude.

And now: Soulja Boy's side of the story

Soulja Boy turns his swag on against his former associate, and his old DJ. This kid is mad young to be dealin with this type of shit now, jesus.

DJ Vlad: KiD CuDi freestyle

Almost missed this one, some new CuDi for your ear pussies

Joe & Royce: Just foolin around

Just a couple weeks ago it was almost a battle to the're calling each other faggots. Wonderful

Come on Shawty Lo...stop.

This video is probably old though.

EDIT: On second view, it is a straight jack of the "What Up, Whats Happenin" video...and a complete retooling of Grand Hustle artist Yung LA's Aint I. And to this I ask...what for?

Trae: Street's Advocate

Wale + UCB + Mark Ronson in the studio

from elitaste

Wale teams with UCB and Mark Ronson in creating his highly anticipated debut album. Wale also checks out his new cover.

How do ya'll feel about Wale?

Sigh. Lil Wayne grilled by "Paparazzi" on his way to court

Now i'm all for hard hitting journalism, but this is type ignorant.

ah, oh well.

Soulja Boy assosciate steals 45k from him.....makes a video about it

Is he really upset that he doesnt hang with them now? really nigga?

808's & Heartbreak cover + Coldest Winter + Robocop

according to Amazon; this is the official album cover

Also; Robocop and a CDQ Coldest Winter have leaked

Coldest Winter


Friday, October 24, 2008

Ludacris + Lil' Wayne: Last Of A Dying Breed

Ludacris + Lil' Wayne: Last Of A Dying Breed

Now this...this right here is my SHIT. Luda and Wayne GO IN. Ludacris' "Theatre Of The Mind" is sounding great (minus that Chris Brown jank).

Kardinal Offishal: Numba 1 (Featuring Keri Hilson)

Keri is a sexy beast. I still havent heard Kardi's new album yet.

Notorious (Extended Trailer)

Today is movie trailer day it seems.

Notorious doesnt look that bad either.


Friday The 13th in HD

Friday The 13th is going to be released February 13th, 2009.

Soulja Boy: Turn My Swag On (Video)

Yes...the moment I've been waiting for.

MTV wraps up the BET Awards so I dont have to + BET Cypher

BET Cypher Featuring Ace Hood, Jadakiss, Juelz, Fabolous

Ace Hood held his own, Jadakiss ripped it. That is all.

Joe Budde + Royce Da 5'9 in the studio

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trey Songz Featuring Drake: Pop Rose

Over Ron Brownz/Jim Jones' "Pop Champagne" instrumental

Trey Songz + Drake: Pop Rose

CMJ Performances

From Miss Info:

Mickey Factz, Blu, and Cool Kids

Wale, Rhymefest, Rahzel, Mark Ronson

Shouts out to my dude Brice whose in the midst of the CMJ mania right now, have a safe trip homie

50 Cent: Blood In The Sand "He's Back" Trailer

If you didnt knowm this is the follow up to 50's critically acclaimed "Bulletproof" game released 3 years ago. The game was going through some troubles with it's publishers holding out folding, but publisher THQ has now picked up the reigns, and it will see release on Xbox360 and Playstation 3 in 2009. Enjoy the trailer....the game at least LOOKS pretty.

Common is a "Believer"...New album coming after "Universal Mind Control"??

Sounds good, but can "UMC" drop already?

Alfamega speaks!

Alfamega is quickly becoming one of my favorite new artists. XXL should redo the cover and put Alfamega up there (Freshmen 11!), putting Asher Roth in a full nelson (just joking).

Hip Hop Game TV: Max B (OWWWWW!)

Max B cruises the skreets of NYC

Juelz Santana & Skullgang have a totally awesome time in ATL

Young Splashy Splash & cohorts live it up in the A-Town. Looks like they had more fun than this chick


RZA: Drama (Featuring Thea & Monk)

Glasses Malone: F*ck G Malone (Mixtape) + DJ Vlad Interview Part 2

F*CK G MALONE (Mixtape)

1. The “I Aint Shit” Intro
2. ONE
3. Grown Man Anthem
4. Like Suge
5. House Niggaz feat. RioT
6. Bob Lieberman (Interlude)
7. Fuck G. Malone
8. Where Itz At feat. Lil Wayne & Cam’Ron (Prod. DJ Noodles)
9. Fuckin’ Ya Girl feat. Red Cafe & Quiz
10. Haterz feat. Lil Wayne & BirdMan
11. 24/7/365 feat. Huey & Maino
12. Lonely At The Top
13. Welcome 2 the Mainstream

Apparently you're supposed to sign up at the website to get the tape. Fuuuuuccckk

Part 2 to THIS

Stat Quo: The South Got Somethin To Say (Mixtape)

Time 2 Get Paid (Produced by Lyrics)
J Newt Speaks 1
The Dirty
The Sun (Produced by Illtone)
What It Is
That’s Me
Fuck U
Im Sorry
Gutta Shit
J Newt Speaks 2
Act Up
Deez Nuts Skit
Go Ham (Produced by Ty Cutta)
Let The Beat Build Freestyle
Dear Summer Part 1
Dear Summer Part 2

Stat Quo: The South Got Somethin To Say

ENJOY! Shoutout to XclusiveZone

I forgot how dope Stat was. I wont forget now. He's also supposedly releasing songs over 300 Dre

Jadakiss: A Milli

I'm dumb late on this one, but it's still out. Plus it's Jada.......KISS MY ASS!!!!

A day in the life of THE GAME

Game shows off his l33t haircutting skills, house, and more.

8 minutes with Q-Tip

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So THIS is why Terrance Howard isnt coming back for Iron Man 2

Mike Epps: Big Girls

No fucking words.

Freeky Zeeky keeps the Big Pimpin video alive.


I love how Freeky sprayed her with bubbly as if she imposed on HIM lmao

P.Diddy buys Enyce....yeah....Enyce

Diddy makin power moves, goin for the Marshalls/TJ Maxx intensive brand Enyce (Luxury wear for black folk)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OWWWWW! Max B is free from Byrdgang Records....isnt a citizen of the United States?

The rapper said he was able to get out of his contract through legal negotiations. He explained he’s received paper work from the New York Secretary of State that prevents Jones from pursuing legal action against Max B. in the future. He’s recognized as Persona Suri Juris.

“I’m not even part of the U.S. Government laws,” Max B. said. “I’m not a citizen of the United States, I’m dead ass. My laws, the laws you go by, I don’t have to follow. As long as I don’t purposely hurt nobody, I’m straight.”


Props to XXL! for this startling revelation

Wayne reveals the contents of "The Carter III: Rebirth"

From the fine folks @ MTV:

Mixed in with the new material Weezy has been recording will be some of the songs that were supposed to pop on the original CIII, including a duet with Ludacris and possibly all those versions of "A Milli," featuring acts such as Lil Mama, Tyga and Corey Gunz.

Wayne also hints working with Pharrell, and continuing to work with Cool & Dre (who produced my favorite joint on the first CIII)

"Shout to Pharrell," Wayne exclaimed. "I been working with Cool & Dre. They're geniuses — no more, no less. They're amazing. When I get in with a producer, I go in every day with them. It's been Cool & Dre up to this point. I just got some new music from Play N Skillz, new music from Street Runner, new music from DJ Nasty. I'mma check that out, see what I like about that."

No release date has been set as of yet, but it sounds cool.

Mickey Factz: Best Of Both Offices Freestyle

The newest Alumni from XXL's Freshmen 10 spits a freestyle for BoBo

Al Quaida Jada speaks to Kay Slay

Skillz: For Real (Behind The scenes)

Skillz - For Real & Wrap Up 2009 from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

Directed by Rik Cordero who is on a roll right now.

Glasses Malone interview IN THE HOOD™

Glasses interview with VladTV, about jailtime and how grimey his hood, Watts, CA, is (a monkeywrench though? DAMN!)

Glasses has a new mixtape dropping tonight on

Jay-Z @ The Palladium (Video) + His Obama concert

Better footage of his performance at the legendary Palladium

Jay in Detroit

MURS: Can It Be (Alternate Video)

T.I. + Rihanna: Live Your Life (Trailer)

This song is a MONSTER. I swear it comes on every six seconds, watch.

Happy Birthday Stack Bundles

Stack Bundles Acapella Freestyle (From Skyzoo's Archives #16)

Props to Xclusives Zone, who has Skyzoo's testimony on the track HERE.

Stack would have been 26 Years Old today.

Young Chris announces "30 Verses/30 Days"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Eminem Interviewed for the first time in 4 years

I actually listened to this whole thing, and it's a really good insight to where Em's head is right now. Let's pray that the world is ready for the "Relapse"

Nas tells you [Untitled] to VOTE!

Jadakiss "Al Quaida Jada" Web Series

"Kiss My Ass" Drops this December

JoJo Simmons gets real

JoJo speaks on internet hecklers who have apparently brought his family into the crosshairs.

It comes with the territory though, the internet gives anyone a chance to put on a mask that they dont necessarily wear in real life, but it's commendable that he braved through even more hate to protect his family's name.

No homo on the static picture in the vid

The Freshmen 10 get Covered

I'm really pleased at the new XXL cover, cant you tell?

Lil' Wayne needs better Weed carriers

Wayne's hearing for his weapons charge was today, and boy; did his weed carrier waste NO TIME in letting the court know what the "Best Rapper Alive"™ is smoking on:

From TMZ:

The Weez's assistant was up on the stand today and under blunt questioning from the DA, explained in great detail how pot is "something we always have" on the tour bus. Wayne's bud also said the star only smokes "dro" -- which, as the assistant explained, is short for "hyDROponically grown" weed (i.e., the good s**t). The court was, we're told, buzzing.


Dolemite passes away @ 81


Jim Jones: Day N Nite Video


New Freeway!

Props to OnSmash:

Freeway Featuring Young Chris: Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Freeway: Love To Ball

State Prop is on the 2002-2003 grind. Funny I was just listening to Chain Gang Volume II yesterday.

Kanye intereviewed on Big Boy's Neighborhood

Kanye West visits Big Boy's Neighborhood from qdeezy on Vimeo.

Kanye (I thought he didnt do interviews anymore? I guess a blog can only take you but so far when dealing with a album of this magnitude but I digress...) speaks on the inspiration behind "808's & Heartbreak", and premieres "Coldest Winter"

FUCK YEAH!: XXL Reveals the "Freshmen 10" covers.


This is a big moment for up and coming artists, and to top it off, all 10 of them arent that bad. Props to XXL for having the balls to pull this off, here's hoping that the articles match up.

Stat Quo: The Sun

New music from the recently liberated Stat Quo. from "The South Got Somethin to Say" mixtape

Stat Quo: The Sun

Wale shoots "Nike Boots" @ Howard Homecoming

Wale performs in the den of sin that IS...Howard's Homecoming.

Ryan Leslie shows up too!

B.O.B. performs @ GA Theatre

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Swagger on a 100 thousand trillion

whose fucking wit him? STILL?

Just cant stop the Carter: Carter III RE-release(and a son) on the way according to Weezy

Apparently the BET "Hip Hop Awards" was a giant clusterfuck. Go figure. But we did get some interesting news from it (in more ways than one);

From MTV:

"Next on his plate is the release of a new album, Tha Carter III. Think it's already out? You're correct. However, the tireless New Orleans mic fiend says he's dropping a new version of the album with all brand-new songs: He said clearly that the record is not — repeat not — Tha Carter IV."

Hmm...oh yeah apparently Lil' Wayne is also expecting his first son:

Wayne's final words when accepting the award were, "I got a son about to be born any day now, so shout-out to him. Pray for me.""

Consider it done Weezy.


Pictures jacked from THE HUNDREDS BLOG

I'm very pleased with these new HUNDREDS NEW ERA's, which are constructed from a soft foam material, and best believe they will be added to my steadily growing Hundreds memorabilia collection. Thanks guys!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Cool Kids + Asher Roth freestyle

Asher Roth x The Cool Kids Freestyle @ Sk8tique from Sickamore on Vimeo.

I love these kids (no homo)

Also; try not to get a seizure from the kewl video effects

Where DID the Cannon come from?

Cannon on KarmaloopTV

Where these guys at?

Ness notwithstanding

Gamenight @ the Budden household

Ace Hood: Crazy World

"Gutta" Drops November 18th

Friday, October 17, 2008

Scarface spits some knowledge

Asher Roth XXL Seminar freestyle

B.O.B. talks about "On Top Of The World"

Also talks about the lost version with Kanye on it.

New Killa: Owe Me (Oh No You Didnt)

Samples the Mercenaries 2 Commercial

Cam'ron: Owe Me (Oh No You Didn't)
(Courtesy of OnSmash)

Freeky Zeeky "allegedly" saw Max B...but didnt...but did.

"I was playin Bingo in Nigeria"


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bang Bang Boogie: The Anthem

Ah...good ole Smack DVD era thug posturing....

.....Was that Lord Tariq?

N.O.R.E. On a DIET (Part 4)

NORE is on the run lifting

Kanye West: Coldest Winter (Radio Rip)

I swear something new from this album hits everyday, the quality is REALLY shitty though so dont expect to hear some musical gems.

"Coldest Winter" is set to be the last track on "808's & Heartbreak" and is about his mother

Kanye West: Coldest Winter (Radio Rip)

The Game: Life After The Math (Trailer)

DVD drops October 21st.

Coldplay + Jay-Z: Lost (Remix)

Coldplay + Jay-Z: Lost (Remix)

this is hot.

Big Sean + Pharrell?

Kanye has two of the most talked about young rappers on his label right now (well maybe one with KiD CuDi but Sean is up next).

DJ Khaled + Kanye West + T-Pain: Go Hard (Behind The Scenes video part 2)

Part 1

Willy Northpole: Shut Up Bitch

Funny on many levels.

Eminem: I'm Having A Relapse (Freestyle)

Eminem: I'm Having A Relapse (Freestyle)

I cant wait for the new album!

50 Cent's "The Money & The Power" Trailer

This actually looks more entertaining than I thought. Tony Yayo is sure to be comedy

Guests include LL Cool J, Miss Info, and Aubrey O Day and G Unit.

88 Keys & KiD CuDi Live @ SOB's

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busta Rhymes: World Go Round

Busta Rhymes: World Go Round

This is the clean version

New Little Brother interview

Kanye on Kimmel

The listening party was last night, here's an excerpt from here:

"As for album: yes, it's almost entirely sung by West, aside from one verse by Young Jeezy on "Amazing" and a duet with Lil Wayne; yes, it is sung almost entirely through Auto-Tune; yes, some people are not going to be sure what to make of it, but we applaud West's decision to step off a creative ledge wearing a jetpack that no one else is sure will actually work."

Q-Tip: Move (Video)

N.O.R.E. On a DIET (Part 3)

Like i said before, good for him.

Maino: Up Close & Personal

Yung Berg disses Ne-Yo

The beef started here

Is Berg about to go Hiking or something?

Bonus Vid: Yung Berg: Put It On Me

Duke Da God tells Jadakiss: "Choose Dipset or G Unit"

Like I said....WWE.

Tony Yayo + Ransom + Cory Gunz: Face Off (Remix)

This video has me scared on some ole Gravediggaz video shit. urgh. Cory Gunz drops a nice verse however so watch this with the screen dimmed

Curren$y Meets M.O.P.

One of the weirdest mash ups of recent time

Plies: Heard Of Me

This dude is dropping 2 albums in ONE YEAR?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Akon + Young Jeezy + Lil Wayne: I'm So Paid

Akon + Young Jeezy + Lil Wayne: I'm So Paid

This time Jeezy is on the track. I heard he was gonna be on it, which is why i didnt post the OG version (meh.)


Click picture to enlarge you crumbs

Sequel to HOLY SHIT:

Harvey Dent/Two-Face Hot Toys 1/6 scale Vinyl figure. No release date yet, but best believe im there when it DOES get released motherfucka!

Joe Budden + Joell Ortiz + Nino Bless + Crooked I + Royce Da 5'9: Slaughterhouse

Joe Budden + Joell Ortiz + Nino Bless + Crooked I + Royce Da 5'9: Slaughterhouse

Produced by Scram Jones...and.....WOW. Is all I can say.

Jim Jones Interview: Speaks on T.I., Cam, Nas, Max B

Full Interview Here:

On Cam:

Is there regret that a good friendship was ruined by the business?

There’s never no regrets. As you get older, you lose friends. But you make new rapports and it’s all about the money and taking care of your family. It was a good friendship though.

You think that can be reconciled?
I don’t know about that. That’s another conversation.

On T.I.:

A lot of people were surprised with your comments to Complex regarding T.I.
People took it the wrong way. I wasn’t really deliberately doing nothing to knock T.I. I was just saying what I felt regarding swagger and who sets the precedent for it. I know for sure that people have said, "Yo, you looking like Jim Jones. I’m trying to get that 'Jim Jones' look." But I haven’t heard people saying you’re looking like T.I. or whoever. Where I’m from, n*gg*s don’t run to go look like no Kanye. I don’t hear n*gg*s in the ‘hood like I need to get that jacket Jay had on.

On Nas:

Is there any possibility of a reconciliation?
What kind of reconciliation? I was never cool with him. I seen Nas a few months ago in L.A. with Dame. We was staying in this hotel right above the Ferrari dealership. Dame seen him and was talking to him. I was laying back on a couch laughing. He didn’t know what to do. I was looking dead at him. [Laughs.] And then Dame was like, “You know Jim?” He started [stammering], “Ah? Ah?” Dame is just burnt out. He not thinking about none of that frivolous [beef] sh*t. Me neither, for the most part. Nas was never on my level ever. Ever.

On Max B:

Was there any truth to his claims that he punched you in the face?
This is me. Let’s be realistic. That’s why I’m laughin'. When I was coming at n*gg*s, it was dead serious, like when I see you n*gg*, it’s on. Not when I see you, you start runnin’ from me. I don’t know no gangsters that do that type of sh*t.

Trae + Bun B + Lil Keke: Grey Cassette

Dope song off of Trae's Street Advocate mixtape

Trae + Bun B + Lil Keke: Grey Cassette

DJ Khaled + Kanye West + T-Pain: Go Hard (Behind The Scenes video)

Featuring the G.O.O.D Music fam and the We The Best clique. That sounded like some WWE shit.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jay Rock + Lil Wayne: All My Life


Bishop Lamont dissing The Game

Apparently this is the new single from Detox

Statik Selektah + Cory Mo + Bun B: Get Out The Way

Statik Selektah + Cory Mo + Bun B: Get Out The Way

G.O.O.D. Music + M.I.A.

T-Pain + Ludacris: Chopped & Skrewed (Video)


click to enlarge

Hot Toys Harvey Dent/Two Face 1/12 Figure.

I think i just came a little.

The Full "Diss Track": Uncle Murda + Jay-Z + Brand Nubian: He Asked For It (CDQ) (Produced By The Neptunes)

Once again I apologize for the lateness. Oh yeah, the "diss is old" in case you didnt know already.

Uncle Murda + Jay-Z + Brand Nubian: He Asked For It (CDQ) (Produced By The Neptunes)

The Colleaguez - Niggas Wit Purses

Really now? Really? The video annotations (THIS ISNT BEEF! WE JUST SAY WHAT WE FEEL!...while having cuts and segways to certain artists...yeah.) are even more hilarious.

Other than the obvious "omgwtf" factor of watching this vid the first time, I...really dont think anyone should be afraid of the "man-purse" trend. These shits have been around for years (decades even) and are now becoming a more popular fashion trend to hold your gun/brick of cocaine/laptop/clothing in. What we DO need to eradicate is the fake Kanye shutter shades. Yeahhhhh...HAPPY MONDAY!

Curren$y: Inevitable

Some new Spitta for your ear pussies from OnSmash

Curren$y: Inevitable

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