Saturday, May 23, 2009

THATS AWESOME: LeBron James makes game winning 3 point shot at the buzzer


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Classic Wrestling Moments: X Pac joints DX

lol @ X Pac chopping his crotch like he had a seizure and almost ruining his buzz when his voice cracks like a prepubescent kid. sadly this would be the LAST time anyone ever cheered X Pac

Rick Ross + Masspike Miles: Cigar Music (Music Video)

Maestro Knows: The Supra Society

Maestro Knows - Episode 9 (Terry Kennedy) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Terry Kennedy's Society shoe is out NOW.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ace Hood + Akon + T-Pain: Overtime (Video)

This is a great fukking video. 2009>>>>2008 as far as really dope concepts in music videos, granted it isnt NEW, it's still a great take on it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Music Review: Cam'ron: Crime Pays

Cam'ron: Crime Pays

After a lengthy hiatus which included the implosion of his Dipset crew, a beef with 50 Cent, a small pool, and a hot summer that never came to be, Dipset leader Cam'ron returns with "Crime Pays."

The album opens with the title track, where Cam questions the foolhardy souls who believe that obtaining a college degree and becoming firemen or police officers will eventually get them the luxury cars they envision ("this ain't math class/this isn't adding up," he says).

It's clear that Cam is channeling those frustrated with the recession, especially with songs like "My Job," where Cam spits from the perspective of, get this, the average joe. The theme is quickly squandered by songs like "Chalupa" and "Who" where Cam is in rare form, speaking about mustard colored jeeps and money stacks galore.

The only thing Cam isn't as rare is coming up with memorable hooks, as songs like "Cookies N Apple Juice" (I dont know what that means either) and "Spend The Night" contain some embarrassing choruses. The hilariously named "Silky (No Homo" (yes, it's really called that) is one of the album's most notorious filler tracks that could have been left off.

"Crime" is an LP that in some ways, harkens back to Cam's second album, "S.D.E," in it's underground grittiness, there is no mainstream pandering here. The album's production, handled mostly by longtime Dipset producer Skitzo, is light on cookie cutter synth tracks and is more in line with the mixtape version of Killa Cam, where his wordplay and multis flow excellently with the basement-like beats.

"Crime Pays" is a return to form for Cam'ron, proving that he has missed few steps in coming back to glory.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Twista: Wetter (FINAL VIDEO)

there were apparently like 3 versions of this video. this is the final version. Twista's 'Category F5' drops in June.

THATS AWESOME: XXL July 2009 cover

XXL is about to make people have heart attacks as they present..THE NEW SOUF!!!

Who ever thought Soulja Boy...much less OJ DA JUICEMAN would get a cover. It was inevitable for Gucci though. kudos all around.

Wiz Khalifa: Take Away (Video)


from Karen Civil

LMAO: Malice from the Clipse punishes his daughter

SUPER LOL @ the editing of him reading the bible, I need a gif. of that ASAP!

this vlog is cool, HAH @ the shit on the purses

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Curren$y + Wiz Khalifa: How Fly Mixtape (Video)

YEAHHHHH!!!! [wiz khalifa voice] okaayyyy [/wiz khalifa voice]

Byrd Lady first interview/freestyle

The same Byrd Lady featured prominently on "Crime Pays" which is in stores now!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Santana's Town (Revamp)

I'd say it's a pretty accurate portrayal.

The Original Santana's Town video:

Kobe & Lebron "Chalk" commercial

lol they need to stop wit them puppets, I think they got Lebron voice down though hahaha.

Rick Ross: Cigar Music (I Do It) (Trailer)

Looks nice....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drake IN HOUSTON (Video)

Unstoppable/Uptown (With BUN B)

November 18th


They LOVE him in Houston. LOL @ him havin to outrap the sold out crowd. Peep the cameo from Bun B

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cam'ron: Cookies & Apple Juice/Silky (No Homo) (Music Video)


EDIT: This might be NSFW lol, this is straight BET Uncut status

Alfamega exposed as a Federal Informant....Dropped from Grand Hustle

Damn man, DAMN!

Famously known for their mugshots (and their hatred of rappers...ask Rick Ross and Plies) The Smoking Gun, released some no doubt shocking news yesterday, when they revealed that the self-proclaimed "Grand Hustle Muscle" Alfamega was in fact an informant...for the DEA....

From TSG:

Court records show that Zellars began working with law enforcement officials after he was sentenced in September 1995 to 110 months in a federal gun case (Zellars, who had a prior felony robbery conviction, was collared for selling weapons to an undercover federal agent). Zellars “agreed to cooperate with authorities and was debriefed” about the criminal activity of several individuals. “In particular he was debriefed concerning the drug trafficking activities of a Mr. Ali Baaqar,” according to a government court filing, a copy of which you’ll find below. During his cooperation against Baaqar, Zellars met with a DEA agent and a federal prosecutor, and subsequently testified at trial. “Ali Baaqar was convicted of conspiracy to distribute heroin based upon the trial testimony of [Zellars] and others.” In return for his snitching, Zellars had 18 months shaved off his prison term when he was resentenced in July 1997 by Judge J. Owen Forrester.

damn. And if that isnt bad enough, T.I. was taken down by someone who was an informant IN his camp (but wasn't Alfa). Earlier today T.I. released this statement from what seems like a microphone in the Underground Railroad, effectively dropping Alfa from the Grand Hustle roster for his deception:

T.I. Speaks on Alfamega

(statement for those who can't understand):

Even though all our artists and employees are asked by us to be honest and open about their past history, at no time did Alfa disclose to me or Grand Hustle what has now appeared in the media. He essentially deceived us by failing to fully disclose the truth about his past and there is no place in our organization for dishonest and misleading behavior. As I have always said, you must take responsibility for your own actions. We at Grand Hustle can not support or condone the blaming of others for our own mistakes. I hope and pray to god bless his financial plans, but I don’t forsee me or my company playing a role in his personal or professional business. End.

Damn x2. It's a cold road for people out here, but I have to wonder what Alfa was thinking knowing that at any moment this could have been revealed. Punchin niggas in the face, goin hard for the camp and shit, just to get exposed.... sucks to be you

Rick Ross: Sky Might Fall (Video)

lol @ Ross' attempting to harmonize

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cons TV: G.O.O.D. Music Go-Karts

Drake in ATL (Video)

Studio43 Films Presents: DRAKE from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

30 minutes of everybody's favorite rapper

Instead of posting Cassie's titty pics, i'm posting more Drake shit. PAUSE.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rick Ross + The-Dream: All I Really Want (Video)

The ridiculous-ness behind the making of this video (see it here) makes it absolutely hilarious. The imagery along with the classic first line ("Rick Ross the boss is coming to Columbia) makes this required viewing. Great video all around.

Rick Ross on 8 Mile Road + Speaks on "All I Really Want" video shoot

still toeing the line


Floyd Mayweather talkin shit

this is a legendary level of shit talking right here.

Mayweather v Marquez: July 18th


steve biden says if lebron james gets a ring this year then he is >>>>> Kobe....what do u think?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wiz Khalifa: Ink My Whole Body

Not from Flight School, but his previous release "Star Power"


Killa performed at Highline Ballroom last night....and here's the result:

Killa talks to MTV

Wet Wipes:

Cookies & Apple Juice

shouts to YN and Rap Radar

Page + Drake: I'm Still Fly

Drake = hits. I need to up my Drake post ratio

Dom Kennedy (with Pacific Division & cARTer)Perfoms @ "FutureStreet/DrugSounds" release party

I just realized I forgot to post the LINK for the tape (blame finals for that one)

ahh yes. Dom is the future.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Eminem: 3AM (Music Video)

had to post this, visually it's dope (i'm a big horror fan) and the song isn't too shabby. Miles better than "We Made You."

Young Jeezy: Dead Or Alive

Spotted at Onsmash (shouts to the NMC), from Jeezy's new mixtape "Trappin Aint Dead" coming soon.

Young Jeezy: Dead Or Alive


T.I.'s last performance before he goes to prison

Featuring Young Jeezy and Ludacris. Hold ya head T.I. [pause]

The Cool Kids + Don Cannon: Gone Fishin

Download it and see the tracklisting at their new site HERE.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wiz Khalifa: Knock You Down


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cam'ron: Cookin Up (Music Video)

The full version of this sure to be classic. Cam is really on his A game!!!


Tyga: Cali Love

This joint is fire, Tyga is really showing his growth as an artist. That lakers starter jacket is awesome too.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cam'ron on Emillion Sparks (interview), Cam'ron + Jadakiss: Let's Talk About

"What you got to realize there wouldn't be a bunch of Skull Gang, Byrd Gang, if they could exclude me from Dip Set. You wouldn't be makin' up all these other names if you could kick me out of Dip Set. I own Dip Set so you can never kick me out of Dip Set."

well said.

also; GODDAMN!!!

Cam'ron + Jadakiss: Let's Talk About (shots to the NMC)

Mercury Mixtapes: Shoebox Money Volume 9

You already know i'm affiliated! All the hottest tracks on one cd so i dont have to post it whenever another blog gets them hahaha, shout out to my dude Merc, Dizz Vicious and Shermski!, Peep Mercury Mixtape's blog HERE


2.)Ludacris Ft. Shawnna-Everybody Drunk
3.)OJ Da Juiceman-iTrap
4.)Dizz Vicious-Nike Boots
5.)Rasheeda-Boss Chick
6.)Jody Breeze-Too Much
7.)DJ Self Ft. Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Red Cafe, Maino-Swag Surfin' Remix
8.)Lil Boosie Ft. Foxx-Loose As A Goose
9.)Juvenile-Back Back
10.)Yung Joc Ft. Nitti-Well Damn
11.)Rick Ross Ft. Nas-Usual Suspects
12.)Jadakiss Ft. Ghostface, Raekwon-Cartel Gathering
13.)Nas-If I Ruled The World 2009
14.)Juelz Santana-Shake That Ass
15.)Jim Jones-Religion
16.)M.O.P. Ft. Busta Rhymes-Blow The Horns
17.)Cappadonna-Somebody Got To Go
18.)Juelz Santana-Cruise
19.)The Lox-Get That Paper
21.)Mims Ft. Latoya Luckett-Rollercoaster
22.)Bow Wow-You Can Get It All
23.)Kid Cudi Ft. Wale-Look In The Stars
24.)Jimmie Hoffa-Yall Ain't Ready
25.)Stat Quo-Stylin'
26.)Problem Ft. Snoop Dogg, Jim Jones-I'm Toe Up

Busta Rhymes + Jadakiss + Lil' Wayne: Respect My Conglomerate

where's Jeezy?

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