Tuesday, September 30, 2008

T.I.P. talks about why he chose to write again

Courtesy of SOHH.com

Paper Trail review coming soon

Miami Vice Ricky: Swagga Like Us

Wiz Khalifa speaks on the WSOHH battles

Juelz Santana + Skullgang interview

I really hope these guys find a niche somewhere because I remain unimpressed by their first mixtape effort.

Tyga "Exposed"

Part 1

Part 2

"You a competer nigga, you a competer"

The "Tyga exposed" series should be made into a straight to TV movie about a boy (played by Ralph Macchio of course) who rises to fame by getting robbed, exposed, and having homo-thugs wearing punk rock mohawks make youtube videos about you while clutching your baby pictures. No offense to homo-thugs. or mohawks.

Bitch Please #1

Sarah Palin on her upcoming debate with Joe Biden: "We are going to talk about those new ideas, new energy for America. I'm looking forward to meeting him too. I've never met him before. But I've been hearing about his Senate speeches since I was in, like, second grade."


David Banner: When You Hear What I Got To Say

David Banner: When You Hear What I Got To Say

Banner = Mad Negro

Mook V Cassidy coming soon?!

It could happen....nahhhhh.

Tony Yayo & Whoo Kid: S.O.D.

This mixtape cover is more proof that the mixtape game can take any popular or sacred cow and turn it into a piece of shit. Lookout for Bolt the Dog gripping a semi-automatic weapon come November

Download this shit HERE.

50 Cent: 50 for President

50 Cent: 50 For President

Ja Rule is still alive

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fab talkin shit

New Q-Tip + Album Cover

Q-Tip Featuring D'Angelo: I Believe

Skillz + Kornbread + Aaries: Be Alright

this song is pretty tough.

Mysonne v E.Ness battle (30 minutes)

Hilarious for so so so many reasons.

Alfamega + Bun B + Detective Rick Crockett: Uh Huh (Remix)

Props to nahright

Alfamega + Bun B + Detective Rick Crockett: Uh Huh (Remix)

Joell Ortiz: Cant You Tell

Joell = Dat DUDE

Peedi's letter to Jay-Z

Eventhough he probably did it, Free Peedi

Ludacris + Floyd Mayweather: Undisputed

Swagger Like Us Part II: CONFIRMED

Props to Lowkey


I'm completely amped to hear what Jeezy has to say on this, its only right. Ross needs to be on this too.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Murda Mook and Cassidy end the beef

Doesnt Mook send a shot at Cass in the last vid where he demolishes some dude? was this before or after?

Murda Mook vs some dude

The Sho'Nuff punchlines are amazing.

When will Murda Mook get a chance?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soulja Boy aspires for more

I love the no homo after lol.

college is a good look though SB

Friday, September 26, 2008

Busta speaks on being denied entry to the UK

he seems really chipper about it no?

Max B talking about Jim Jones "Your album went treadmill!"

lol @ the shawty lo dance he does

is it me or does French sound like a grown ass baby? it's like he hasnt upgraded to the basic levels of language comprehension or vernacular he just sounds like "mfmfmfmmfmfmfffmmfmf"

Black Moon's Buckshot hospitalized for seizures

Buckshot of the legendary group Black Moon was hospitalized yesterday after returning from Europe due to multiple seizures.

A statement from Duck Down's CEO and the article can be found here:

"While of course we are disappointed to have to reschedule a sold out show obviously nothing takes precedent over Buckshot's health. If he could walk out of that hospital on his own right now I know he would have been on that stage. He was truly looking forward to this night," said Duck Down CEO Dru Ha.

Damn, hope he gets better, this aint nothin to play with


Since when did Jim Judas need a documentary?

T.I. Is Mad

I mean, shit like this happens, even though this vid screams "Public Relations", im sure that Paper Trail will be fine. Especially seeing as though "Whatever You Like" did so well in its first few weeks of release. Rappers and record companies have the wrong idea about how blogs and the internet in general work. There's a shaky (read: im talking Michael J. Fox here) relationship between the internet and music in general. Rappers are starting social websites and youtube channels and forgetting that the key of internet culture is that it is a COUNTER culture in the end. It's all well and good that you give away free music, but in the end dont think you are smarter than the average blogger! Just because you send out lowly interns and street teams to spam sohh.com and nahright comments and forums doesnt mean that you "understand" or that they will stop going to their local newsgroup to download your (likely) shitty album. Spam is spam, niggas will ignore it and do what they want.

New Kid Sister: Family Reunion

Download it Here

Featuring David Banner, and produced by Diplo (who produced "Paper Planes", and lots of stuff for Santogold).

This song makes me feel warm inside (pause).


This is the moment i have been waiting for since street fighter 2! you finally get to fight Ryu and Ken's master!


David Letterman straight rips into McCain, who skipped his show saying he was going to go "save the country", but instead shows up on CBS News.

It's so gangsta how Dave has the camera at CBS Studios, where are his eyes NOT focused on?

G. Dep still has it!

DAMN! Eventhough it might be too late for a career resurgence, Dep is like a million miles from where he use to be

Afrika Bambaataa in London

Tim Westwood is horribly extra

Ludacris on Streetsweeper Radio

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Consequence in the studio with Kanye

with 88 keys and malik yusef telling a gritty story. I never knew spoken word artists had snub noses and the like but to each his own!

Mack 10 ft. Birdman & Glasses Malone - Big Baller (Remix)

Mack 10 and Birdman look like they have so much fun being 40 year old bloods

Love Lockdown Acapella

\\\Expect to hear mad blends of this one


GLC in the studio

funny how things work, i JUST made a post about him a few days ago!

David Blaine sucks

lol @ "disappearing into the atmosphere", nigga please!

Gucci Mane + Yo Gotti + Nondescript Black Male: Bricks (Video)

If Gucci was caught red handed avoiding Community Service and with drugs in his system during a check with his P.O. then why are people saying "Free Gucci"?


Free Gucci then.

New Killa Cam: Still The Reason

Cam'ron: Still The Reason

Crime Pays coming soon!

Ice Cube Featuring Musiq: Why Me?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Willie The Kid ft. Trey Songz, Gucci Mane, LA The Darkman, Yung Joc & Bun B - Love For Money Video

Like the song, I'm just glad La The Darkman still gets work

J the S and B.O.B: Another Round

State Property reunite Part 2

Kanye's new puppet show teaser

Ok fuck this show.


just go there


see what happens

808s and Heartbreak coming in November

From Kanye's Blog:


State Property reunite

remember the good ole days at the Roc..... :(

Gamd and Joe Budden hang out

Game and "Bin Laden" Budden chill and possibly make a track together? nahhhhhh.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chris Rock doing what he does best...

Chris Rock's new comedy special comes on HBO this saturday!

new Shea Davis...ya hear me? NOT WORK SAFE

Shea Davis could be rapping about the same things in 2020 and it would still be enjoyable. enjoyably ignorant.

Hell Rell freestyle

LOL @ the Wayne line, even if it doesnt really make sense

Team Blackout: Billion Dollar Boyfriend


The Milk Carton finds another one!

G.Dep is back on the streets talking about his Bad Boy deal and other things. Puff pretty much put duke UNDER the Bad Boy Manhattan offices. It's really a shame though, Dep had one of the most slept on Bad Boy albums this side of Craig Mack.

B.O.B. = next up

B.O.B.- Generation Lost

"DMX Stops, Drops, goes to emergency room"

I had to steal that tagline from TMZ:

"DMX is once again inside a facility, but for once it isn't a jail.

Sources tell us DMX was brought to the emergency room at a hospital in Aventura, Fla. yesterday for "fear of a stroke."

Since DMX is on a court-appearance-per-week regimen these days, he's actually scheduled to appear in an Arizona court today.

We don't think he'll be making it."

DMX is hip hops britney spears hahaha

Kid Cudi interview

this guy is up next forreal

Kanye will control your TV too

From Hollywood Reporter:

"Comedy Central has teamed with Kanye West for a project described as hip-hop meets the Muppets.

A half-hour pilot has been shot for the project, tentatively titled "Alligator Boots." It's from Jackhole Prods., the production company founded by Jimmy Kimmel, Daniel Kellison and Adam Carolla that also was behind Comedy Central's puppet-centric "Crank Yankers."

The project, which is under consideration for 2009, would feature music produced and performed by West and fellow rapper Rhymefest, both of whom are serving as executive producers on the pilot alongside Kellison. West also hosts the pilot; the idea is to have a different celebrity guest host for every episode, similar to the setup on the original "Muppet Show."

Kimmel's brother Jon ("South Park") is co-exec producer on the pilot."

"Notorious" Trailer

Looks a bit VH1'ish for my tastes, but I guess this movie lives or dies by Biggie's portrayal. LOL @ Puffy though.

Curren$y: Fin...


Monday, September 22, 2008

A day in the life of NORE

he's looks like a walking biscuit. For the record, the Newport Cigarette chain is NOT a good look lol

New Busta Rhymes: Arab Money

Busta seems to be settling into his new deal at Universal very quickly.

Busta Rhymes: Arab Money

Chuck Inglish talks Obama

Cool Kids will be in Ruchmond, VA next week, should be a good show.

New CNN album cover

Channel 10 drops October 21st

N.O.R.E. is looking mighty HEALTHY lately

There's an African American Day Parade?

I never even knew!

According to Jim Jones: "There's alot of things to buy...food...watermelon"

well blow me down (no homo)! I'm sooo going next year!

*gets caught smoking weed and has 7 illegitimate children*

T.I. on Karmaloop TV

Tha KANG is back 9/30/08...

Did Max B really punch Jim Jones in the face? News at 11

this will surely be the new mixtape mystery of the year

that wave OWWWWWWW

J Hood responds to Jadakiss

lol @ the Hood Taliban Al Jazzera niggas behind him

Kid Cudi mixtape release party

You can find his mixtape here

"A Kid Named Cudi" from Clevelands own Kid Cudi is probably one of my favorite mixtapes of this year (next to the Gucci Mane "Wilt Chamberlain" series of course!). Dude has the versatility to actually make it imo.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Diddy Blog #21: Shit Happens

nice dig at Sarah Palin, also speaks on the "dog shit" incident

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Malik Yusef Featuring Kanye West & Adam Levine: Promised Land

Malik Yusef Featuring Kanye West & Adam Levine: Promised Land

Off of that new Obama Mixtape (lol); available here

pretty uplifting joint, I'm glad that hip hop has such a positive (and negative ask Luda) effect on Obama's campaign


Travis Barker & DJ AM in critical condition after plane crash

Travis Barker, a former Drummer for Blink 182, and DJ AM are in critical condition after the plane they were flying on went off the runway and crashed. Four other people aboard the plane were killed.

According to local news reports, Barker and DJ AM, whose real name Adam Michael Goldstein, were transported to a burn center in Augusta, Georgia where they are listed in critical condition.

Barker performed Friday night at an event with Perry Farrel, Gavin DeGraw, and DJ AM.

The FAA said the plane carrying six people was departing when an air traffic controller reported seeing sparks. The plane went off the runway and crashed on a nearby road.

Courtesy of: WLAP

My prayers go out to them at this time, that shit is crazy.

Note to Plies

If you're trying to build a buzz for your new song "Pants Hang Low"....dont DONT DONT do it in New York. Some of the responses to "do you like Plies?" range from hilarious to cringe worthy. And then to masquerade it as a "documentary" is even more perplexing, as if we need to know the gay and NON gay definition to "Easy Access". All in all, the most ignorant vid of the week

Rocko: This Morning video

this should be anyone's early morning wake up song

Travis Mccoy of Gym Class Heroes on Rap City

This is pretty big for the dude, congrats.

The Quilt is in stores

Lil Duval + R.Kelly

Nigga Please

Joe Budden talks Royce Da 5'9

A response to

which is a response to Budden saying he was going to have a "conversation" with Royce on wax in a recent message to fans.

so is Budden vs Royce the new dream battle of 2008?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Music Review: DJ Khaled: We Global


Another year, another Khaled mixtape album, though this time "Global" makes up for the fatal missteps of last years "We The Best" (one of the worst albums of last year in my opinion). Focusing on what made his first effort, 2006's "Listen", such a solid album, Khaled ditches the tried and true formula (the Wayne, Baby, Ross, Fat Joe superteam that molested your ears last year) and gives us new mashups and all around better production.

Khaled uses "We Global" to showcase breakthrough producers The Runners, who produce a quarter of the album, including the Kanye West helmed "Go Hard" which features T-Pain in a autotune anthem that is up there with Khaled's best anthems, like "I'm So Hood".

"Global" isnt short of its share of anthems, which include the first single "Out Here Grindin" which features Akon, and a myriad of southern artists, and the title track which features Trey Songz and Ray J surprisingly waxing gangsta over a smooth Runners produced track.

The album also features appearances by Nas and the Game, who serve to raise the quality of the album (and the authenticity of Khaled's guest verse address book). Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott and Pitbull also make appearances of negligible quality. If there's one thing you cant fault the album for is the feeling of freshness that it has Lil' Wayne is nowhere to be found, Fat Joe is on only one track, Rick Ross' appearances are at a minimum as well. Newcomer Ace Hood has a excellent showing on the album as his rapid fire delivery and grimey flow highlight one of the reasons Khaled puts him on most of the album.

"We Global", while not the most lyrically sound mixtape albums around, serves as a great diversion in an increasingly cramped Fall and Winter for hip hop music. I'd definitely give it a listen.

Skullgang Takeover

Enjoy kiddies!

Juelz Santana: Skull Gang Takeover

I Eff With: GLC

Chicago-bred artist, and Kanye West's best friend, GLC (aka Gangsta L. Crisis) has been bubbling underground for a minute, and I think it's his time to blow. "Honor Me" is one of my fave joints of the past year, so I present this to you!

Who Is Ace Hood?

"Gutta" drops on October 11th, oh wait scratch that, November 18th. I know, WTF?

The Lo/Camp Lo: Lumdi

Camp Lo is now going by "The Lo" now. I fucking hate it. The song is nice though

Lil' Wayne moonwalking in a space suit.....yeah.

Yung Berg speaks

Shouts to RTNY for the vid

yes, deflect the obvious and bump up the positive, now THATS a good way to make people forget about your chain being snatched! PR 101 baby....PR 101.

"I love ya'll man....I love ya'll"

"I'm like Jesus"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

U.S.D.A. (Featuring Trick Daddy): Black Dreams

U.S.D.A. (Featuring Trick Daddy): Black Dreams

This was my shit all summer, glad to see it get a proper release, along with Trick Daddy Dollas. The new USDA album is on the way....

The Alchemist + Jadakiss + Snoop Dogg + Pusha T

The Alchemist - Lose Your Life (Feat. Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg & Pusha T)

Pusha and Jada WENT IN.

Wale Featuring Xscape: I Will

Wale ft. Xscape - I Will

Nas: Make The World Go Round Behind The Scenes Part 10023424

just release the video already nigga DAMN!

?uestlove + Karmaloop

Swagger Like Puff

I'm sorry, Puff is probably one of the funniest niggas in the game STILL. What drug is he on?

Busta Rhymes signs with Motown

According to SOHH:

Busta Rhymes has left Aftermath/Interscope and is officially signed with Universal Motown.

According to Motown reps, the New York rapper has signed an agreement to release his next project on the famed label - which is also home to Lil’ Wayne and Chamillionaire.

This is a good look for him i would suppose, home of Wayne and to a lesser extent Chamillionaire (who caught a brick last year). Interscope is slowly becoming the home of falling stars and hasbeens.

Curren$y: The Explanation

"Fin..." is coming real real soon

Funkmaster Flex goes off on R.Kelly

my dude sent this link to me, I'm WEAK as hell in class right now. R.Kelly is about to be shunned out of the industry methinks, that interview did him NO favors.

A.Pink's does a literal in house recording session

cerebral palsy, ipod headphones and pedophiles. what a combo eh?

I think it's quite telling that Pinks is open enough to do this shit in his jammies inside of his low income housing district (next to his Sega Genesis no doubt). What's next? Joe Budden rapping on acoustic guitar by some candles?

Ludacris + 9th Wonder

shit just got real.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LL Cool J speaks on: Rappers Today

I'd believe him until I get to the middle of "Exit 13".

Charles Hamilton interview

I've been slacking on posting this dude's music he really is the future and he's a Sonic The Hedgehog fan like myself.

Devin The Dude ft. Snoop Dogg - I Don’t Chase ‘Em

Devin The Dude ft. Snoop Dogg - I Don’t Chase ‘Em

Soulja Boy plays Braid

This is Braid

The sheer fact that SB spent his hard earned Microsoft space points on this is hilarious. give it up soulja boy, you've been EXPOSED!

R.Kelly comes out of the batcave

not guilty and still filthy eh?

Common & Pharrell are WORKAHOLICS

a new song presumably off of Commons new "Universal Mind Control" LP. I'm on the fence about the heavy Neptunes influence on the album, though I do like the first two singles. It's Common though so what the hell.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kardinal Offishall Feat. Lil Wayne & Pusha T - Swag [Not on Album]

I kept overlooking this jank but here it is

Kardinal Offishall Feat. Lil Wayne & Pusha T - Swag

Skullgang OnDaSpot freestyle

I'm still not impressed.

New Curren$y...Upper Deck (In And Out)

From the final mixtape in his monthly series.

Curren$y: Upper Deck (In And Out)

where does hot spitta go after the series ends?

Pac Div freestyle

DJ Drama & Gucci Mane: The Movie

this is a Nahright exclusive but i put it out for the people!

DJ Drama & Gucci Mane: The Movie

this might be the last gucci we hear for a while

John Brown: Sarah Palin

I have no words for this shit

Sarah Palin

Love Lockdown (NEW VERSION)

Love Lockdown (Final Version?)

I swear I post about this song like every other day

Music Review: LL Cool J: Exit 13


LL Cool J isnt lying when he exclaims (as he has done many times before) that he helped build a fledgling label named Def Jam into the powerhouse it is today. He's remained at the company for over two decades and "Exit 13" reflects an end of an era as his Def Jam tenure ends. Though it isnt his best work, "13" is the most focused LL has been in years.

Opening the album with the "300"-esque sounds of "Prepare For War", LL puts young rappers on blast expressing his frustration ("when i walk in the room young boys look at me strange/as if i am a relic from some long forgotten game") at being seemingly forgotten in the current state of music. LL struggles to prove his worth on songs like "Rockin Wit The G.O.A.T.", or "Ringtone Murder", ("drop jewels like yoda, my young students love me") proving that he is still a competent spitter, weathered by years of polish. "You Betta Watch Me" is a damn near throw back to LL's old teenage "Bigger and Deffer" years, once again pleading a case of relevance ("you cant compare me to them line for line, im beyond that i represent eras and time").

LL is of course a great MC after all these years, though "Exit 13" features some pretty limp production overall. Ryan Leslie, Dame Grease and Marley Marl all contribute, though on "Get Over Here" you wonder why the producer (or the guest artists) even tried.

"13" also manages to be bogged down with filler that borders and crosses the corny boundary. "Baby" (Featuring The-Dream) would have you fooled into believing that this album was another "Todd Smith" disaster (lyrically the song is confusing), and "I Fall In Love" is even more disgusting. Who thought that including the "Baby" remix (with Richie Sambora!) two songs after the original was a great idea?

"Mr. President" features Wyclef Jean and also strikes as foul on LL's part as it's too little too late, and along with the other offending tracks on the album (just wait until you hear the "American Girl" song) it creates an album that is schizophrenic in its delivery. LL wants to go hard again, this being his last album and all, but he seems to fall into the same caveats that got his past few albums panned critically.

"Exit 13" is a bittersweet ending to LL's era at Def Jam, as LL proves that he is more than capable at holding his own lyrically in this day and age, but he makes certain decisions that prove that he is out of touch as well. Will LL be able to come back rejuvenated with a new deal, or will it end here? Only time will tell

Trick Trick speaks on rappers getting their ass beat in detroit

It's so hard in the D.

Hell Rell speaks on his Dipset departure

Shouts out to Real Talk NY for the vid.

sad day in hip hop. Hell Rell was probably the LAST die hard Dipset soldier, so yeah, the set is pretty much over for real now. I'll never forget his in jail freestyles from Diplomatic Immunity 1 (complete with the "I love you"s at the end).

This goes to show, as the industry downsizes, so does crews. Nothing ever lasts forever in music and this is a testament to that. sad.

Yeezy Says:

" Your prayers have been answered!! There’s a new version of love Love Lockdown coming. We used new taiko drums and I re-sung it… it’s being Mastered now….

Here’s the newer artwork with perfected type 4 all design snobs lol…

Sidebar… if you don’t like autotune… too bad cause I love it and have been using it since the College Dropout!!!"

From Kanye's Blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dipset manager Big Joe speaks on Juelz' alleged "robbery"

for those who are uninitiated to Dipset, Big Joe pretty much manages or managed all of Dipset, and he had a pretty funny part in Killa Season.

The Cool Kids: Delivery Man

Ludacris: Undisputed Trailer

Dedication 3 coming....

Via MTV:

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're sorry to have kept you so hungry, but sometimes it's better that way," Drama wrote via e-mail, trumpeting the project in grand fashion. "This is not a mixtape, this is an event. Four brands promise to go down in history and combine again: Wayne, Drama, Gangsta Grillz, Dedication 3. Nuff said."

sounds exciting

Love Lockdown Videoshoot

hmmm. ok.

more pics be here

I'm not a big dollicia bryant fan either.

Mack 10 (Featuring Birdman, Glasses Malone): Big Baller (Remix)

Mack 10 (Featuring Birdman, Glasses Malone): Big Baller (Remix)

I still think Mack 10 + Birdman is the funniest shit ever. One beats his wife, the other likes to fuck her in the ass while he beat up the pussy.

Props to Xclusives Zone for keeping the new hot shit.

Nelly speaks on Ice-T vs Soulja Boy

A little late, but I agree.

Brass Knuckles is finally released (unfortunately if you heard what I heard) tomorrow.

Curren$y, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Wale interviews

Fly Spitta

Big Sean

Kid Cudi X Wale

Scarface ft. Bun B & Lil Wayne- Forgot About Me (Produced by Doni Jo)

Scarface: Forgot About Me (Featuring Bun B, Lil Wayne)

Yung L.A., Young Dro, T.I.: Aint I (Remix)

I'm sure this is like 8 months old in Atlanta but i dont give a fuck, it's still dope

Yung L.A.: Aint I (Remix) (Featuring Young Dro, T.I.)

Call Of Duty 4 Lollipop Freestyle

this goes out to CNICE;

"7 killstreak think i wanna call the chopper......so i go and call the chopper"

"shawty wanna playyyy on the psthrreeeeeee (or the xbox)"

"I knife that"

"My sniper headshots go hurp hurp"

"Call UAV, so I can kill some soldiers for ya"

There are too many quotables to name on this shit, its just godly.

Jin: Love Lockdown Freestyle

Jin comes out of hiding to drop some new shit, and i cant front it's kinda nice. I hope one day my blog is a punchline in a song :O

Love Lockdown (Freestyle)

Wayne does it big on SNL

Got Money (Remix)


It's funny to see these vids. Just think, a YEAR ago, Lil' Wayne and SNL didnt even seem as though they belonged in the same sentence.

and extra props for having Mack Maine there, I know Curren$y is extra heated.

Curtis is still mad

He wont be laughing when he catches that L for the second year in a row.

"Before I Self Destruct" coming soon

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dame Diddy comments on Kanye's arrest

Cosigning Jim Jones as the future of hip hop died in 2004, Dame.

At the end of the day...

......I wish Juelz well. That's all i can say.


Just when you think it couldnt get worse...


From Sohh.com

According to myfoxatlanta.com, after pleading no contest to a 2005 assault charge, Gucci Mane (born Radric Davis) was sentenced to 6 months in jail and required to serve 6 and a half years of probation.

The terms of his probation required the Atlanta-based rapper to serve 600 hours of community service however in the 3 years that he has been out Gucci has only logged 25 hours total. Along with revealing that information at today's hearing, authorities also said that Gucci tested positive for ecstasy, marijuana and alcohol at a probation meeting.

As a result, the judge revoked one year of his probation and ordered him back to jail. After serving one year behind bars, Gucci will still have 2.5 years of probation and 600 hours of community service ahead of him.

I mean even i coulda told you that he was still on X and weed, he made a song called "Pillz"!

oh yeah, and this;

see ya later gucci

R.I.P. Shawty Lo's Career

making a youtube video with people claiming they have never seen T.I. in the hood- Good attempt at character assassination

making a music video in front of YOUR hood, with YOUR family and friends doing YOUR dance = sweet revenge

I guess this is why Shawty Lo is apparently "squashing the beef".

Startin ya weekend off right

Days gone by.....indeeeeeeed.


and this is woman you choose to hold your faith?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Uncut Dope

Young Jeezy claims his second chart-topper on the Billboard 200 as "The Recession" starts at No. 1 this week. The Def Jam set moved 260,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, 92,000 short of the 352,000-unit start for his previous No. 1, 2006's "The Inspiration."

From Billboard

Kanye done lost his damn mind

this nigga been in the news like everyday since sunday

Q-Tip + Pacific Division

I actually really like Pac Div.

Curtis hobnobs with the white folk

Righteous Kill comes out tomorrow.

Kanye gets LOCKED UP

He's either having the best week ever, or he's lost his damn mind.

Courtesy of TMZ:

Kanye West has just been arrested at LAX for felony vandalism.

A still photographer was trying to take pics of Kanye at the American Airlines terminal. According to our guy on the scene, Kanye allegedly confronted the photog and smashed his camera to the ground.

Our photog then began videotaping the scene when Kanye’s assistant grabbed our camera — a struggle ensued and the assistant threw the video camera to the ground, breaking it.

When Kanye realized our camera guy had videotaped the incident, he rushed our guy and yelled, “Gimme that f**king tape!”

Both Kanye and his assistant have been arrested and will be booked.

The video should be up shortly, but a couple of media outlets have already picked up on the story.

Ludacris Featuring Chris Brown and Sean Garrett: What Girls Like

Thoughts on the song? meh.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Q-TIp: Gettin Up

Album comes out on Election Day, November 4th

Cam'ron: Bottom Of The Pussy Hole

Camron- Bottom Of The Pussy Hole

the song speaks for itself. Classic Killa Cam shit.

Nas: Make The World Go Round Behind The Scenes

this is one of the best songs off of "Untitled", I'm glad it's getting that video treatment

Kanye West: Love Lockdown Mp3

Props to eskay at nahright.com

Kanye West- Love Lockdown (CDQ)

well color me impressed.

Termanology Featuring Bun B: How We Rock

Produced by DJ Premier

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New M.O.P


Damn, just as SOON as i get a new ipod

Apple announced the new ipod nano and touch today at their "Let's Rock" ipod event this morning.

along with being environmentally friendly, the nano comes with new upgrades that connect well with the newly released ITunes8 along with upgrades that incorprate the technology from the iphone/ipod touch:

* An accelerometer so you can now tilt it to the side to see album artwork (Coverflow)and games being made for it which take advantage of the accelerometer just like the iphone/ipod touch.
* You can now change song to a random one by just simply shaking the nano.
* The screen is 2 inches which will be good for your videos on the go.
* The 4GB nano is no more (thank god) and now it goes from the 8GB = $149 and the 16GB = $199

for the first time i actually want a damn nano, they are fucking cool.

more info about the upgraded ipod touch and more at apple.com

Re-Up Gang is NO MORE *crickets*

According to Sandman via HipHopDX:

"I'm not tryin' to be a god-damned architect or nothin', or else I'd put my time into that. When you have a movement like the Re-Up Gang, something that came out of nowhere that was turned into a cult following, I just don't see how people dropped the ball on the last project. So it didn't make sense for me to stick around if +@$+ ain't in my best interest."

The most interesting quote however is this:

He elaborated further, stating that a key point in his dispute was the album's video, which featured on The Clipse rapping. "It ain't in my best interest to put out a 'Fast Lane' video, after three years of nothing but street-driven music." The album the aforementioned single promoted added to the displeasure "We gave y'all three critically-acclaimed mixtapes just to give y'all this toilet bowl-ass album and their video. To me, it's unjust. The fans are onto it now too, 'Damn, that's it for the Re-Up?' 'Cause now all you hear about is [The Clipse' forthcoming album] Til The Casket Drops. The Re-Up Gang has been phased out; I guess I was just supposed to play along. I'm not no fuckin' nut!"

can't say i didnt see this coming, the Koch project wasnt beneficial for Ab Liva or Sandman at all. They werent even featured in bulk on the Fast Life video. I think I predicted this on my review of the re up gang album way back when, The Clipse' shtick of disappointment is getting old.

Bonus: Sandman's Anchor video

Kanye West: 808's and Heartbreak (December 16th): UPDATED INFO

From: uheardthatnew:

So, an EXTREMELY reliable source (Young Legend, GOOD LOOKS!) has just revealed to me that the title of Kanye’s 4th solo Lp is, 808’s & Heartbreak and it’s arriving December 16th. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, LowKey ain’t BS’ing, 808’s and Heartbreak will be hitting stores December 16th and you heard it from LowKey FIRST! I’ve also learned also that Kanye’s vocals for the entire Lp will be sprinkled with the Auto-Tuner (T-Pain’s magic vocal toy, lol). Why?? Don’t ask me, but I can assure you this will probably be 2008’s most interesting piece of audio.

After finding out the title to the LP, I now understand the title of the first single and its content. Legend also explained to me that this project will be somewhat equivalent to Andre 3000’s, The Love Below. Some are confused as to why he’s returning so early, but with the loss of his mother and the split with his fiance, Alexis Phifer, one could only imagine that type of ish he has to get off his chest!

“Love Lockdown” makes MUCH more sense now!


Low “Thank me later” Key

Props to LowKey


Ace Hood OnDaSpot Freestyle

whats the verdict on this guy? I kinda like him

XXL's New School Cover 2008

this one looks to have more talent than the last one (minus Dro).

Maino Featuring T.I., Fabolous, Plies, Swizz Beatz, Jadakiss-Hi Hater (Remix)

attempt at trying to recreate flava in ya ear remix video #2003442532

Happy BIrthday Dreamcast!

The Sega Dreamcast was released nine years ago today, and it was truly one of the most revolutionary consoles for its time. It introduced online gameplay, the 2k series, and allowed deveopers like Capcom to really take games to the next level. Though it was only around for a few years, it's presence is still felt. Dreamcast games are still being made in Japan, and most if not all of the systems hits have been remade or rereleased in some capacity.

My favorites:
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (one of the greatest fighting games ever)
Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 1 & 2
Sonic Adventure 1 (the killer whale scene is the GOAT)
NBA 2k1
Jet Grind Radio (the illest artistically sound games ever)
Project Justice

Music Review: Gym Class Heroes: The Quilt


Popular Alt Rock/Hip Hop playboys, Gym Class Heroes, have enjoyed an almost whirlwind year, starting with the breathrough of their popular single "Cupid's Chokehold", and the charismatic leadership of frontman and MC Travis McCoy. Where the band lacks in a real definition of their genre, they gain in their pertinent anthems about, pretty much anything someone from 16-25 could understand.

"The Quilt" sees the band embrace more of their hip hop stylings, teaming with Cool & Dre, who frequently team with artists like Fat Joe and Lil' Wayne, Tricky Stewart and R&B act The-Dream. The result is ultimately mixed, as it is in direct conflict with the more traditional underground pop style that they have carved a niche out of. Songs like the first single "Cookie Jar" (featuring The-Dream) are nice diversions, yet "Kissing Ears" (also...featuring The-Dream) is bordering on corny. Cool & Dre seem to understand the band more, and thus fare better with "Peace Sign/Index Down" and "Home" where their production compliments the groups weaknesses.

The rest of "Quilt" is pretty much by the numbers, aside from the new risks the band takes with production. "Blinded By The Sun" features Patrick Stump from Fall Out Bou is sure to be the new anthem for the anthem, and "Catch Me If You Can" follows the formula the band set when they worked closely with Stump. Perhaps the most perplexing feature on the album isnt a The-Dream or Lil' Wayne (whose verse on "Dont Tell Me Its Over" is suspiciously missing), but Daryl Hall from Hall & Oates on the 7 minute "Live Forever (Fly With Me)". It's almost as if the gods of pop rock/soul are handing off the reigns to the next generation...a distinction that GCH are glad to take.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Old Stack Bundles footage


50 Cent goes to a place he's very familar with

Alfamega will eat your children Part 2

This song is seriously one of the realest joints of the past...uh....week.

Dam Fab, were the VMAs THAT boring?



just sickening!

Obama on Bill O'Reilly

he held his own


was it ever proven that he was in the car in compton?

sigh, black paparazzi are even more bitter than white ones it seems.

for all the shit the dude was talking...at least wayne signed his blowpops lmao

No Words.

At this point, Bow Wow's fuckery has reached a new low.

Common Featuring Pharrell: UMC Preview Vid

Me likey

Joell Ortiz: Memories

Why hasnt his album dropped yet

I know im late....

but i CANT be the only one that hasnt seen this yet

i mean...how the FUCK do we keep peace?

but in all reality, we need to stop the black on black crime. Not only to stop youtube vids like this, but for the children of tommorow

Kanye West: Love Lockdown


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