Saturday, February 28, 2009

KiD CuDi Performs "Sky May Fall"

This song is in this as yet unaired Transformers 2 commercial
Can't wait to hear what the full version sounds like

Friday, February 27, 2009

Busta Rhymes + Ron Brownz + Rick Ross + Spliff Star + N.O.R.E. + Red Cafe: Arab Money Remix (Part 2)

Eh...the formula's wearing thin

Cam & Jim speak for the first time...

I think that it's a wonderful thing that they had a convo, but I still believe that Cam will be fine on his own. I'm ok with the Dips being somewhat seemingly done for the time being.

MORE Ross Video Blogs


Rick Ross thanks the fans

Speaks on his album artwork, the strong support for his single "Maginificent" and a certain MUNKEY is referenced

Cam'ron: Get It In Ohio (Video)


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jadakiss: Can't Stop Me + Young Jeezy: Circulate

Much better than By My Side imo

Could have been better imo, but if Belvedere is payin the tab im all wit it, YOUNG!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Love Letter: Street Fighter 4

It's been almost 12 or so years since the last Street Fighter graced a console system much less an arcade. Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike was thought to revolutionize the genre, adding the controversial parry system (where players would instead press "forward" when being attacked to dodge attacks with no guard stun, setting up for amazing counters and recovery) and many characters that went against the grain of the normal Street Fighter game, mutants and just plain freaks (apparently people enjoy their racial stereotypes more than stretchy monsters). It didn't go over well. At all. By the time the first iteration of SF3 dropped, arcades were slowly dying and gamers were starting to favor 3d games and Mortal Kombat's stylized gameplay. 3rd Strike would find life beyond the arcade on the Dreamcast (which...also died a horrible death in the early 2000's), and in the hearts of the many American and Japanese gamers who still play it at the popular Evolution and Super Battle Opera tournaments.

Since 3rd Strike however, there have been many advancements in the videogame genre much less the fighting game category. Guilty Gear prides itself in having lithe, androgynous dudes taking on transsexuals and guys with bags on their heads, and for being incredibly hard for casual players The King Of Fighters series has further cemented itself behind the mainstream view, parlaying arcade releases in the US altogether and being strong willed in its insistance to stay 2d (though KOFXII looks amazing). Tekken has panda bears fighting kangaroos. Soul Calibur seemingly gets love across the board, though its competitive players constantly find fault with Namco's insistence on adding needless features (SC4 has incredibly tough Just Frames) Virtua Fighter, while ultimately one of the most polished of any fighter, still has yet to find its place; it has little to no story, and it's gameplay is Atlantic Ocean deep..not exactly friendly (see also; Guilty Gear)

So where in this seemingly alternate world where fighting games have become a ever shrinking niche market spearheaded by half-baked games such as Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, is there room for Street Fighter 4?

Street Fighter 4's release in history pretty closely mirrors the original Street Fighter II's release in 1991. The US is wrapped in yet another war, our economy in shambles and people are looking for other activities to take their minds off of the struggle. As a result videogame sales and even movie ticket sales have done increasingly better in light of the recession. So far so good right? Not really.

SF4 Producer Yoshitaka Ono (who was the producer behind the frustratingly disappointing "Capcom Fighting Jam" which critically and sales wise was a bust) has been quoted as saying in many interviews that the road to creating the fourth entry was not only through the sheer popularity of SFII Hyper FIghting on the Xbox 360, but from the fans clamoring for a new entry. However Ono chose not to build upon the ground that 3rd Strike made years ago, but to enhance the most popular Street Fighter.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo is hands down the most revered Street Fighter game, and is still played to this day (PLEASE peep the remixed version on a 360 or a PS3), and is important to the genesis of Street Fighter 4. It maintained a style of gameplay that casuals and the hardcore could enjoy, hell there are still tricks being taught today about the game.

Street Fighter 4 is in many ways the spiritual sequel to Super Turbo (so much so that it takes place after SFII and before 3), allowing for the characters who werent present in the later games to be fair game here. the 4 Bosses return (Sagat, Balrog/Vega/M.Bison under what ever name you want to call them), along with the original cast in beautiful 3D glory. Instead of sticking with the hybrid gameplay of Street Fighter EX series (which was also 3d on a 2d perspective), Ono and his team created Street Fighter for those people who remember playing it in 1991 and beyond, creating a true love letter to the fans.

4 new characters enter the series, and are in many ways some of the most interesting fighters in a Street Fighter game. Rufus is an overweight fighter whose moves mimick some of Yun's moves from 3rd Strike (lots of 3rd Strike references are found in SF4...hmm...), C.Viper is a SNK-like female character that uses technology to fight (and has a super jump...more 3rd Strike...), Abel uses his strength to throw his oppnents around and has a Fei-Long like rekka attack that can mix up opponents who dont pay attention. The most standout character in the pack is El Fuerte, who moves like a lucha wrestler on crack, and has an incredible dash attack that includes splashes and incredible throws.

The six button gameplay remains, as well as the jet-setting arenas which the characters fight on, only this time rendered in beautiful 3D. The backgrounds pop out at you, as the citizens behind the fight run, jump and cheer on the fights in the foreground. Seeing this in person is an absolute necessity, the game is a marvel both technically and gameplay wise.

Ono does give Street Fighter 4 a distinct personality gameplay wise, adding many systems that are both for casuals and those looking to completely master the game. The super meter has been upgraded to include the ability to use EX attacks, stronger versions of a characters regular attack, which was lifted from 3rd Strike, though letting the super meter build gives you the ability to unleash a Super Combo attack. Street Fighter 4 also adds yet another meter in the "Revenge gauge" which builds as you take damage and will eventually evolve into the ability to do a even more powerful Super attack called an Ultra.

Ultras are sometimes 10 second long attacks that completely destroy the opponent, though the biggest strategy is learning how to implement them. They cant be canceled from Special moves like Supers can, and they take 3 buttons to pull off (Ryu's Ultra is performed with two Quarter Circles and three punch buttons respectively).

The true beast of the game comes in the form of the "Focus Attack" which is one part parry and the other part unblockable (as long as you charge it enough) which is done by pressing the medium punch and kick buttons. It allows you to absorb attacks as if it were a parry (you still take damage however that will slowly refill if you arent attacked while it's healing) yet allows you to still attack or dodge an attack. For example; "Focusing" a Tiger Shot from Sagat gives you two options, a dash backwards, or depending on his range, the actual attack itself. There are also Focus Attack Dash cancels in the like, but that's another article in itself. it's a system that isnt necessary to win, but gives Street Fighter 4 a deeper experience should you choose to.

That's probably my most favorite aspect of SF4. It is the same game that I played back in the early 90's when I thought Bison's slide was cheap. It's speed has changed, but the gameplay hasn't. It has stimulated the minds of those who haven't played the game since SFII (believe it or not, NOT many people have played or even liked 3rd Strike). To put it plainly, Street Fighter 4 has once again revolutionized the genre, and I'm excited to see what's next. It's not realistic to say that the arcades are coming back, but SF4 is the creation of the next generation fighting game, created to establish a feeling within people who are nostalgic for the old, and the uninitiated who have never played a Street Fighter ever before.

Rick Ross: "Rakim Wouldnt Wear A Wig"

hilarity ensues. This beef is old now though.

"Marquis (50's son) what it do....we gotta finish our game of Wii"


Kanye West: Stronger (VH1 Storytellers)

This episode airs this Saturday @ 9 on VH1, cant wait!

Flo-Rida: Shone (+ Pleasure P) + Right Round (+ Kesha)

yo, white folks LOVE Flo-Rida. no point to me saying that, I just thought yall should know. He's the king of half nekkid chicks in his vid too, takin it back to the 90's BET Era

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Gotta let yall see my sexy face talking. you know yall like that

KiD CuDi: 09 Freestyle

KiD CuDi: 09 Freestyle (Over Richboy's "Drop" Instrumental)

shouts to OnSmash!!!

How to play Street Fighter 4 online with Ken

grabbed from lol

Drake Interview w/ Eighty81

So Far Gone review coming very soon niccas!

DJ Paul + Lord Infamous

Lord Infamous was probably the most valuable member of the old Three Six Mafia (with Crunchy and Boo), and im glad to see him back again.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Killa takes questions

Letters To Cam from jeff on Vimeo.

man, these next few months are gonna be murder waiting for "Crime Pays".

Been M.I.A...

-Street Fighter 4 (also known as Ken Fighter 4) is taking over my life, Online foolishness be damned, I should have a write up about it done later this week
-I'm sick
-havent talked to my family in days. gotta do that
-the weekend was crazy, ESPN Zone is the cesspool for drunkards and sick kids.

Birdman + Rick Ross + Busta Rhymes: Shittin On Em (Barack Obama shit as Busta would say), Props to OnSmash

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cam'ron: Cookin Up

Preview video for "Cookin Up", along with a new release date for "Crime Pays"...May 5th. Killa!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The-Dream + Kanye West: Walkin On The Moon

The-Dream + Kanye West: Walkin On The Moon

Big shit poppin.

50 Cent + R.Kelly: Do What It Do

Curtis and the Pied Piper/Rapist of R&B come together. thats what it issss. as far as the song, ehhh i dunno.

50 Cent + R.Kelly: Do What It Do

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kanye + Cudi on 106 & Park + Day N Nite (Video)

Cudi + Ye on 106

Day N Nite Video is awesome, Cudi is still the shit, Ye's hair is still groundbreaking. that is all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rick Ross: Kiss My Pinky Ring, Curly (Video)

LMAO @ Ross chillin wit batman, and running up the subway in what seems to be a pleather coat. BAAUUUSEEE! MUNNKKYY!!

B.O.B.: Generation Lost (Video)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Young Money: Every Girl (Video Shoot)

Kanye West + KiD CuDi: Welcome To Heartbreak (Video)


What dreams are made of

Thank you capcom.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I been listening to Drake (and Black Boy White Boy) all weekend so this caught my eye as foul.

kill me

Sunday, February 15, 2009

CuDi Clears the Rumors

Allegedly, Kid Cudi was TASERED and ARRESTED early yesterday at a scheduled Reebok performance over refusing to wear some RBK kicks over Jordans (shiit i dont blame him), well the gossip sites were HALF right, as Cudi explains in his new blog

From KiD CuDi's Blog:

the story that was posted was all wrong, but i dont giva fuck about having to prove my innocents to anyone….i cant go and try n explain myself everytime people wanna talk shit on twitter and spread rumors on blogs about me, wut can u do, u kno?….

Also: DAY N NITE VIDEO drops on BET Thursday:


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Billy Mays Vs Vince (The Shamwow Guy)

awwww shit!!!!

Gillie The Kid addresses "Swagger Jackers"

Yes, Gillie is taking offense to 50 Cent using other dudes baby mommas as diss ammunition. I would shake my head if it wasnt so hilarious and ignorant. But really though, can we please leave scorned baby mommas out of the beef equation?


Cam’ron “I Used to Get It In Ohio” (Prelude Video)

Cam'ron "I Used to Get It In Ohio" video prelude from Miss Info on Vimeo.

KILLA!!! doin a lil bit of actin on this joint too, wheres Killa Season 2???

Friday, February 13, 2009

GLC: Take It Off (Video)

GLC's ode to Pimp C

50 Cent IS...CURLY (Part 2)

no words.

Charles Hamilton: Well Isnt This Awkward

Charles Hamilton: Well Isnt This Awkward

Drake: So Far Gone

Drake: So Far Gone

His first two tapes were fire, and i have no doubts about this one either, PUSH THIS GUY Interscope. With Weezy and the Iovine machine behind him, the sky is the limit

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rick Ross: Cigar Music (I Do It)

Rick Ross: Cigar Music (I Do It)

Beef aside, Ross continues to drop the fucking HEAT. Off of Deeper Than Rap, March 24th, shouts out to OnSmash and the NMC

Young Dro + Yung LA: "Give Me Back My Swag"

On the way to 106 & Park, Dro and LA air out their grievances about those who are jacking their "futuristic" lifestyle.

im about to start saying that shit all the time. Futuristic.

Soulja Boy + Lil' Wayne: Turn My Swag On (Remix)

Soulja Boy + Lil' Wayne: Turn My Swag On (Remix) (this has Tell.Em.TV drops)

Wayne kills this joint. The original is one of my favorite songs of this year.

Cam'ron's XXL photoshoot

also...Cam has a him some love (no homo

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Skull Gang: Body Like A Maserati

Off of the multi-platinum (snicker) Skull Gang mixtape

Nickelus F: I Get It In Freestyle

What up Nick???

Bangladesh: Ike Turner

So inappropriate right now.

KiD CuDi: Can I Be (Produced By Ryan Leslie)

KiD CuDi: Can I Be (Produced By Ryan Leslie)

From Kanye's Blog

Miss Info Presents: Where's Cam'ron Part 2

Speaks on Juelz, Dipset Membership and Jay-Z (!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rick Ross: Push Em Over The Ledge

Rick Ross: Push Em Over The Ledge

Wayyy better than the last diss. lol @ Lloyd Blanks, but is he still bringing up the gay rumors and shit?

Ludacris + Plies: Nasty Girl (Video)

I forgot this album even came out b, but the video chicks in this are crazy

The-Dream: Rockin That Thang (Video)

This is my (and everyone in the worlds) shit right now

Love Vs Money In Stores March 10th, shouts to Onsmash

Tyga: La La La Boom

From his forthcoming sophomore album "The Introduction".

As for the video, I have no words for it.

Kanye isnt gay (again)

"Your dress doesnt give away whether you like a man or not"

Are we still questioning this? even 50 said he didnt think he was gay, he's the most gangster dude ever!

This Chris Brown shit has everyone so amped...

That they thought THIS dude, who led police on a 40 MPH chase (wowwwww), was him.....he looks like a jewish DJ Khaled. Just another dude that had girl problems, and financial problems.....and a semi automatic weapon. Man, domestic abuse is some 2009 fad now.


Yeah I fell for it, it's the american way to look at a train wreck, to see someones life be at a crossroad. Because its never as real on TV as it can be when it's on our faces. That's why Horror movies are so popular. but the moment ABC 7 said that he wasnt a person of significance, I cut the fuckin stream off. BACK TO BUSINESS.

Shea Davis: U Hear Me

He robs a old woman in this video. seriously.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Asher Roth: I Love College (Video)

I don't right now.

J. Period: Buggin Out 2009 (KiD CuDi + Consequence)

J. Period: Buggin Out 2009 (KiD CuDi + Consequence)

Cudi and Quence drop the beef and drop a remake from J.Period's Tribute to Q-Tip.

Props to OnSmash.

Dont Steal From The Hundreds

From Bobby Hundred's Blog:

"This kid walked into The Hundreds Los Angeles store last week and thought he was slick, pulling the five-finger discount on our new GOTTA flannel shirt. The thing most of these idiots tend to forget is that (1) there are cameras all over the shop and (2) Iron Mike is a certified triathlete, meaning he’s not only stronger than you, he’s much, much faster than you as well."


Sunday, February 8, 2009

2009 + Grammy + Twitter updates

I love you all

The Lonely Island + T-Pain: I'm On A Boat

Fuck the grammy awards, this song is one of the greatest in out generation

Saturday, February 7, 2009

50 Cent IS...CURLY

This beef is over!

THATS AWESOME: Observe & Report (Redband Trailer)

"Observe & Report" comes out April 10th

Triple C: Yam

Wow, Ricky is puttin out alot of music *looks at Curtis*

From the Carol City Cartel album.

Friday, February 6, 2009

AAANNNND Bow Wow Responds

lol @ this being like a WWE Promo, wit his homies lookin bored in the background.

this is like Nas v Jay Z times 100000

Rick Ross: Kiss My Pinky Ring, Curly

Rick Ross: Kiss My Pinky Ring, Curly

The Bause gets back at Fif, and promises a more disrespectful track when "Deeper Than Rap" drops March 24th.

Snatched from OnSmash

Soulja Boy: Fuck Bow Wow

Shit JUST GOT REAL *chuckle*

Max B + French Montana: Coke Wave (Mixtape)

Max B + French Montana: Coke Wave (Mixtape)

It's finally here!

Miss Info Presents: Where's Cam'ron Part 1


Shouts to Miss Info and OS for dropping the video that everyone wants to see. Cam is about to have the industry poppin again!

Lil Wayne + David Letterman's Top 10

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Etta James will beat Beyonce's ass


The Game is ridin wit Curtis + Rick Ross is still throwin shots

Rick Ross + Triple C: Gang Related

T.I. In The Studio

Nard & B are next up, yesss

Lil' Wayne + Katie Couric Interview

Wayne and Katie go bowling and get gangsta.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

THATS AWESOME: New Tekken 6 Trailer (PS3/Xbox360)

Now this is what im talkin about! I'm hyped now!

Jadakiss + Faith Evans: Letter To B.i.G. (Video)

Directed by Hypebeast pin-up Va$htie.

French Montana and some other dudes: Welcome To The Breadshop

Konvict Records' new signee with some grimey SMACK DVD like antics on this new vid.

THATS AWESOME: Kid Robot + Dustin Cantrell: "Plasma Globe" Dunny

According to Hypebeast (good looks), These were created for a contest on ToyCyte, which I've already signed up for. and you should too. this is on some next level Disney/Pixar shit.

Rick Ross: Mafia Music (Video)

The official street vid for "Mafia Music", peep Ross licking his jewelry in this one lmao

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diddy and Royce bond over a Jet.

Xal-Vador: The Shadow Gallery (Download)

Xal-Vador: The Shadow Gallery (Download)

Yeah, it's really here.The first mixtape from a good friend of mine, Xal-Vador (holla @ him on TWITTER) Shouts out to Black Diamond, D. Forbes, and the whole 757.

THATS AWESOME: KILLA! Cam'ron returns on April XXL, New album coming soon

It's that time again!

Props to XXL


It's gorgeous. But you already knew that, It looks wayyyy better than a lot of shit coming out this year, and on par with Metal Gear Solid 4 imo.

However I do have a few complaints Capcom.....

*Why Does Chris only run in straight lines. This dude cant go diagonal YET?

*Why is Sheva so good? This hoe was capping niggas long range and bustin heads like it wont nothin. gahdamn

*Speaking of Sheva....When sharing ammo... do I have to give her ALL of it? I didnt know we had an unwritten pre-nup for this trick to get some ammo for nothing.

*The enemies are well.....well just as they were in Resident Evil 4. The same tactics apply. I know its the demo, but im wondering if they are going to do something different from our spanish pals in RE4. And BOO @ the return of the chainsaw guys. They were awesome in 4, but lets switch it up. Chase me with a Weed Wacker or something.

*There are areas where you can go for cover...but you cant actually DUCK in cover. just stand behind it. so Axes/Arrows comin for that ass...will HIT you.

*The controls are okay, not the "OMGWTFNOOO" you've no doubt heard from the Internet, but still managable. Though I DO wonder why you cant WALK and SHOOT. And for that matter why you cant walk with the knife. It doesnt make shit scarier. Just annoying. In fact, anyone who has never played or HAVE played RE4 or any RE game will be quickly hurling the controller out the window. While I find the controls merely above average (RE fans should be used to this), The excellent "Dead Space does these controls better. RE has a half assed pop up menu that when used in conjunction with the ADA approved controls is just retarded.

*Pressing R1 to find Sheva is jarring at first, but a great way to zoom. RIGHT. IN. on her titties. Oh Capcom!

* BOO @ Capcom copping out on the African setting and making the ratio of blacks to whites like 40/60. Punk bitches.

All in all, im pretty excited for RE5, here's hoping the final product is solid. I havent tested online co op yet, so check back later for impressions.

Ross calls Miss Info + 50 Calls Funk Flex: The Beef Continues On

Lots of good bits in here; this beef is sooo unecesarry yet still intriguing at the same time. I wonder where Ross is going to go from here, he seemed to already have known his Baby Mom was gonna be with 50.

Ross on Miss Info (Part 1)
Ross on Miss Info (Part 2)

And 50...well we all KNOW he thrives in this enviornment!

50 + Flex Interview 1 2 3

Shouts to Miss Info and NahRight for the rips mayyyne

Monday, February 2, 2009

HORY SHIT!!! High Level Capcom Vs SNK 2 gameplay

Why Be Fake?

*It's not becoming of you, especially when i dont care about you

*Mixtape is coming along nicely, as is the 2nd one (im really excited about the 2nd one as well...think...NES)

*Episode 3 and 4 of the Vlog are coming, as well as a special N.E.R.D. edition of the vlog (oh shit)

Like my dude says in the pic ^^^

--Johnny 5 @L!V3

Busta Rhymes: Wack

Busta Rhymes: Wack

Good lord this is fire. KRS sample on the hook

50 interviews Rick Ross' baby mama.....holy shit

just watch tags.

Curren$y: "This Aint A Mixtape" Snippets

Curren$y: "This Aint A Mixtape" Snippets

From Onsmash:

We’ve been steady giving you preview after preview, and now we have some snippets from the This Aint No Mixtape album for everyone anticipating this as much as we are. The release date is tentatively set for March so stayed tuned for that. And yes, the “Blown Away” snippet is in there too (more like, the whole song). Enjoy it.. Monsta Beatz and the planes got it..

Young Dro Records "You Gotta Know"

Posting because of the sheer awesomeness of the song and video itself


Sunday, February 1, 2009


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Teaser

G.I. Joe Teaser Trailer

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